Create your First Laravel 6 Project in a Minute

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In this post, I’m gonna teach you about how to create your first Laravel 6 Project. I think you have install Laravel globally in your machine, if not please follow my HOW TO INSTALL LARAVEL post.

Okay, let’ s get started Creating a Laravel 6 project is a simple task. People use lots of ways to create a Laravel 6 Project. Cloning GitHub release to their machine, Using the same fresh copy of Laravel 6 for another project, etc…But in this post, I’m gonna teach about the Correct way of doing this.

Open your Terminal/Command Promot(Or else you can use any other Alternative Softwares like iTerm, GitBash and use them). Then type this command and press Enter Key.

laravel new blog

Let’s talk a little bit about this command If you worrying what this command is doing. First, we telling that we are creating Laravel Project ( laravel) ,then fresh Project (new) and the Project Name (blog).

It should be like the above image. Once you successfully create aLaravel Project Terminal should look like this.

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Okay, it should create a folder called blog in your directory. Let’s open that folder using your Favorite IDE or Text Editor (Mine is PHP Storm ) or else you can use something like VSCode.

All right Project is created nice and smoothly.. Now let’s open the composer.json file. composer.json file is the Dependancy manager file for the Laravel application. It contains all of the necessary information about your project such as Required Plugins, PHP installed Dependencies, etc.

Here you can see we have created the Latest Laravel 6.X project. Okay, all cool so that’s it for this post. Let’s talk about Laravel architecture and What you can build using Laravel in the next Post. Good Day. Happy Coding…

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