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Since i was a little kid, i wanted to start a website.. huh, i created many things like Wix, blogger web sites, etc. Most people run websites today because in today’s world all of the time depends on the internet. People like to share their knowledge with others.

Okay, a little bit about me My name is Shashila Heshan, I’m a Software engineer at somewhere in the world. 24 Years old, Currently an Undergraduate computer science student at one of a London university. And here is my portfolio Hosted on Github pages. I do many things compared to other developers of my age. Since i was 21 i published 4 android apps to Google play store and got 10000+ downloads in a month. Then i started to learn Java, Learned java in-depth(Maps, Hashing, Data Structures such as Tree, Hashmaps, LinkedLists).

Java Map Example

Then i created POS Systems using Java and JavaFX & MySQL, Javafx is a beautiful framework runs on top of Java. Then i moved into C# The popular language from Microsoft technologies. Oh, that experience was insane, the quality of the code, the simplicity of the coding, Loving IDE (Visual Studio). Developed lots of applications using This beautiful language(C#). Then i moved into Android and IOS development using android studio(Java) and XCode(Swift). In this part, I’ve learned a lot about packages, libraries API’s and Native API’s built into the device. I felt the love with android studio’s build-in XML layout editor, Just Drag and drop then customize UI widgets as you want. So enough talking, from today onwards this blog will teach you what i know about Programming and Application Development. So in this we gonna talk about Latest Frameworks like Flutter, Laravel, Codeigniter, React, Nodejs, Express, Swift UI, C# and many more… So Be with this blog and i can guarantee that you will learn the above technologies ASAP. Thanks, Good Day…

Hi, I'm a software engineer from Sri Lanka who has knowledge in programming languages like Dart | PHP | Javascript |C# |Java, etc. Currently studying Computer Science at University College Coventry , London.

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